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My name is Deanna Correia.  

I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2002 with my degree in Dentistry.   
I absolutely love everything about Dentistry and Whole Body Health. I spend a lot of my time educating myself so that I can help my patients to achieve their oral health goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time.  This is my 'Why' in life!

The University has provided me with a stepping stone for my education and I have decided to give back by teaching part time in the clinic there for the last 15 years. 

My Story

Favorite quote- Life is not measured by the amount of Breaths we take but by the moments that take our Breath away- Maya Angelou

I truly try to make my life memorable and full of joy. I feel very fortunate for the direction my life has taken.  When I was three I stepped into my very first ballet class. Fast forward until 2023 I have been a dance teacher for over 30 yrs. Disciplined in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe,  and Highland, I was able to put my  dance education to good use. I am passionate about choreography and expressing myself through dance but more specifically through my students.

In junior high, I was also very lucky to know where I wanted my career path to take me. I was determined to go into dentistry and be able to change people's lives through their smiles! I wanted to give my patients confidence and also provide them with gentle dental care. I wanted to alleviate fear. I wanted to become a dentist that patients wanted to visit. 

I have a few more loves in my life. I love dogs. Like lots of dogs. I love ALL the dogs! Currently I have three furbabies, Bellini, Snoop and Malibu and they mean the world to me. Sadly I have lost my other two Martini and Tequila. I truly believe you cannot have too many I am also the proud co-owner of a dog daycare and boarding facility in the city,,,,where we house anywhere from 30 to 70 dogs at any one time! 

I love to travel and learn languages. I went to French immersion growing up but have been learning Portuguese on the side as that is my background. I have been fortunate to travel to many countries in Europe, many States in America, and all of the Canadian Provinces. I have a special place in my heart for Scotland, my mom's homeland and for Portugal, my dad's homeland.

My last love.....which most my patients know my Love for the 80s Rock band Guns n Roses! My office is covered in Rock n Roll artwork. I have seen them in concert over 10 times and sing every time their songs come on the radio!

On a serious note, my dental career took a left turn when I started to take functional medicine courses. I am now very passionate about anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyle, screening patients for oral sleep apnea, testing patients' oral cavity for disease causing bacteria and yeasts, screening children for myofunctional issues with their growth and development. Dentistry is no longer just Drill and Fill. 

I cannot wait to meet you and your family...especially if you have a dog!

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